Stream Dee Goodz New Album "Never Enough" ft. Key!, King L, Ree$e & More + "Bank Break" (Video) via Mass Appeal

Ca$hville's Finest Releases New Album + New Video For "Bank Break"


Today, Dee Goodz premieres his newest body of work, Never Enough via Mass AppealAs an added bonus, he drops the official video for the single, "Bank Break." The Ca$hville native has been on a rampage, releasing a number of standout singles and star-studded collaborations including the bag chasers anthem "How To Make A Million" featuring Reese, "Flossin'" feat. KEY! + Reese, and "Represent (Part 2)" with King L. Never Enough is the newest album from Tennessee's lyrical down south hustler, Dee Goodz. Album is another piece of art out the story of the artist that is Dee Goodz. The album consists of songs expressing his fast pace, risk it all or nothing, "playmaker" skills and lifestyle. His hustler imprint is even shown in the sell scheme of the album. Each individual EP will be a represent a different cool, evoking a mood and color. Each cover signify a different flavor of artistry Dee is expressing through the album (Purple, Lemon, Orange, Lime).
Give Dee Goodz' Never Enough a spin. If you're into this, we'd love for you to cover/review or share the album and accompanying video. We'd really appreciate you if could share to your socials and playlists as well. (artwork attached). All feedback is greatly appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts.
About The Album
"In life success is strictly based off the amount of risks and shots taken towards achieving certain tasks. During this process we learn that success can never be achieved only worked towards, this is because there is always more to achieve. The goal itself is Never Enough. A man can have everything but still be fighting/ working towards proving something." - Dee Goodz
About Bank Break
Having had ups and downs in my life I had felt the ills of certain happenings such as being homeless, losing it all. Because of this, I myself work hard so that I will never go thru something like that. The chorus of Bank Break is the mindset I put myself in to survive in todays time.


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